From: Moonfire

Hi I’m from Korea, I just thought that you guys would like to know that the Cannes footage of The Lord of the Rings was shown here in Seoul just yesterday, Tuesday, September 18th. And guess what, about 30 members of our LOTR fan site were allowed to see it!!! Me?? I’m still recovering.

It was like all the other showings all over the world, I think.

Metal detectors, no cameras ect ect. And not even the staff were allowed to see the footage until the screening itself. I don’t remember the name but there was a guy from New Line who came for a few reasons, making sure that no one filmed the footage prabably not one of the least.

I also heard from one of the Korean marketing staff that that guy took the footage back right after the screening. Wow…

After the screening we had a sort of meeting with one of the marketing guys, and learned that a hell of a lot of money is going to be spent on the advertising and marketing. Also the release date is currently set for December 21st, but they’re aiming for the 19th.

Anyway, I’ve got to say that the 26 minute footage was great, though it may need a few last minute touch-ups. And they’ve got the real Gandalf on the cast, sorry to those McKellen fans out there.

I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

I’d also like to say that I think you guys at TheOneRing are doing a great job. Keep up with the good work!