From: Lawrence

I found a funny, and kind of insulting, error on the recently released DVD’s “Lord of the Rings” and “Return of the King.” I am of course talking about the animated versions (I didn’t want you to think I was REALLY out there ;-). If you examine the track listings on the inside sleeves of both sets, you’ll find that they are identical!

Warner Brothers, in a rather sloppy move, has used the track listing of Bakshi’s film on the Rankin and Bass production of “Return of the King.” Imagine my surprise, after watching ROTK, to see a chapter on the sleeve called simply “Treebeard.” Scanning that chapter revealed a long talk between Bilbo and Frodo, with no mention of the Ent. It was at that point I happen to have the two DVD’s side by side… and well you can put together the rest.

I find it really disappointing that such sloppy production values would be allowed for a new release, particularly when considering December 19th is the reason these sets were suddenly released. And given the subject matter, Warner Brothers should know better than to fall asleep at the wheel when the items in question are for some of the most demanding and meticulous fans out there (myself included ;-).