I’m a bit late writing in but I didn’t get home to Jersey until 1:30 am this morning from the LOTR show and had to work all damn day! I’m going to try not to rehash anything because everything seems to have already been touched upon. However, I felt the need to write, being a big LOTR fan, to tell everyone what grand goodness we are in for this Christmas and what a pleasure it was to attend such a great show that was hosted for the fans.

Before I left my house to grab a train i stared at my LOTR teaser poster for awhile debating wether or not I should even bother bringing it with me. What were the chances of any of the stars of the film being there? Not to good I thought. I grabbed it anyway figuring it was worth the chance but most likely it would just end up being a burden to carry around all night.

That all changed as I entered the theatre. Right I away i spotted the Ring Bearer himself, Elijah Wood. Next to him stood Orlando Bloom, which i didn’t know at the time because he was unrecognizable. I didn’t expect for him to look like an elf but he didn’t look anything like the blonde haired elf we have seen in the trailers. Next to Legolas stood the man who will be tempted to steal the ring, Boromir. The fine actor who goes by the name Sean Bean.

Right then and there my knees started trembling. I don’t go goo goo ga ga over actors usually because they are just normal (just richer) people like us. These weren’t any ordinary actors though. These were three of the Fellowship of Nine. These were the people that were stepping into the roles of characters that I loved since I was a young child. I remember sitting in the theatre as a child with my father staring in awe at the animation that Bakshi brought to the screen. At this time in my life I still watch the animated LOTR in awe.

It wasn’t until about 6 years after the animated movie came out that i was old enough to sit down and read the genious that was Tolkien. It was at this point in my life that i first realized that movies are nothing like the books. The novels were more in depth and more fascinating than i could possibly imagine.

Flash forward to the late 90’s and I read on AICN and TORN that Peter Jackson will be helming not one , but all three LOTR movies. Then pictures are posted of the construction that was being done to make Hobbiton. I could not believe that this was happening. My favorite characters were finally being brought to the big screen in live action. A dream come true.

I sat in Lincoln center last night in disbelief of what lengths the crew went to to bring his movie accurately to the big screen. From the sets, to the costumes to the millions of chain links from pvc pipe they had to make for the armor.

After awhile the lights went out and we were treated to a great scene! Balin’s Tomb! I got the goose bumps when the fellowship was trapped inside the tomb and Gimli said something to the effect of, “I’ll let them know there’s still one dwarf inside Moria that can still draw blood”. Woohooo! Arrows were flying and Legolas was walking on the back of the rampaging cave troll. Great stuff! Folks, we are in for a treat this Christmas.

Also, the part when Pippin knocks a suite of armor down the hole in Balin’s tomb was quite amusing. Gandalf just stared at him for a few while Pippin makes some amusing faces and then Gandalf belts out, “Fool of a Took”.

As the show ended I saw Wood, Bean and Bloom heading for the door. I politely asked for them to sign my poster and all three obliged. They made it personally out to me and Bloom even added “Legolas” to his signature.. I felt like the happiest man in the world with the best god damn poster in the world. Not because I met “stars’ but because I met actors who were playing beloved characters from beloved books that generations have enjoyed.