From: Rallas

A Sixty Minutes interview for Australian Television was broadcast on Sunday 9th September.

One of the stories was an interview with David Wenham(Faramir) in the Peter Jackson movies. The following is a brief synopsis of the topics covered and some quotes from David.

Unfortunately The Lord of the Rings was not mentioned in the interview. The focus was on his new movie called “The Bank”.

The interviewer was Charles Wooley.

Charles Wooley started the interview with a character workup where it was mentioned that David hates giving interviews and finds it extremely difficult to play the natural character, himself.

David admitted to hating the prospect of interviews. “Let the dentistry begin” was how he treats the prospect of having to answer questions about himself.

He loves character acting and has played many off-beat characters over the years. A greens keeper in “Green Keeping”, a warped and twisted pyromaniac in “Copy” and the psychotic killer in “The Boys” that won him critical and peer acclaim.

In the same year as “The Boys” was released David commenced his time as Diver Dan in the Australian television production of “Sea Change”. During this show he became a national sex-symbol. This is a tag that does not fit or sit easily with him. He freely admits to a confidence problem and finds that slipping on “the veneer of a character” is the best thing about acting. It is then that the words, character and magic happen. He loves the “Alec Guiness” way of acting where he can walk down a street during the day and have nobody recognise him, and yet at night on the stage under the lights he is liberated to give the performance that the audience deserves.

His recent films “Better Than Sex”, “Moulin Rouge” and “The Bank” have opened him up to the “A-list” of Australian acting talent and have garnered much praise from audiences and industry pundits alike.

He states that he “has done the Full Monty on stage a few times…and tries to think about nothing while doing so” as that is the best way to get through the experience without providing the audience a little bit more than they paid for!

It was funny sees David being interviewed and comparing him, as Faramir, with Sean Bean. I would say that Peter Jackson has done another marvellous job of picking two actors which, when placed in-character within Middle-earth’s setting, will play beautifully as two brothers.

Once again, the interview did not have LOTR information but was very insightful into the character of a very good “character actor”.