PJ’s known for doing cameo roles in his movies. We know he was filmed in Bree – one of the extras we spoke to stood next to him for some scene (time and time again, all night, in the pouring fake rain, if I remember rightly.) But on the TORN messageboard, Silverlode noticed something in the stills we got recently from Morgoth:

“I was looking more closely at the first shot of Bilbo’s Birthday party that Morgoth 1970 sent in, and I noticed something interesting.

Take a look at the hobbits in the upper right corner, in front of the tree. The hobbit in a white shirt looks like Elijah as Frodo to me. Look a little to the left…there’s a bearded hobbit in a green shirt.”

Winged Balrog guesses: “He could be playing one of Bilbo’s Dwarves. Remember in the book? When Bilbo leaves, he whistles, and some dwarves show up, who he asks if everything is prepared. Maybe PJ is a dwarf.”

Hmm, that dwarf appears to wearing one of those dark aquamarine polarfleece Kathmandu vests that the director, the crew, and TORN spies all wear. . The other hobbits have sleeveless cardigans/vests with a straight collar; the bearded one has the same neckline as my Kathmandu vest.