As the clock ticks down and the number of days until the Fellowship of the Ring dwindle more and more (two years really flew by), solid information on the ins and outs of the Fellowship is hitting the Internet thic and fast. If you blink, you’ll easily miss a fantastic image or tantalising piece of info. This weekend, the Hall of Fire takes a break from our Chapter discussions to discuss the Latest News and Rumours from the Fellowship of the Ring.

!Warning: Spoiler Discussion!

A Cannes Footage review. A beautifully detailed image of Legolas. A rumour of a new trailer in September. Fantastic picture after fantastic picture and some great quotes both sent to us by the same Ringer Spy. A redesign of the Decipher website, and some great info about our staff visiting DragonCon.

All that happened this week, and it’s only a Wednesday.

See what I mean? Even I didn’t even notice some of that news until now! And when you look at the bigger picture over the last couple months, and we’ve seen the TORn exlusive Witchking Armour, leaked scripts, Gimli trying to break the ring and Aragorn receiving the sword Narsil from a statue in Rivendell. Some of what we’ve heard over the last two months could be false, some could be mis-inteprated and some of what we’ve read might rear it’s head in three and half months time as we’re watching, and cast our minds back to this very moment when we think, “Hey, looks like they were right after all.”

Whether you like the changes you’ve heard and or all for them, or think that every day Peter Jackson’s trilogy strays another step from the books, we want to see you! Whether you’ve been checking each and every news article this Summer and knows more about this subject that most, or you’re searching TORn archives for some of the tidbits I’ve just mentioned, we want to see you! This weekend is going to be a chance to talk with your fellow ringers about the number one picture in your life at the moment, so come visit us once, twice or three times this weekend!

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