From: Queen Of Rohan

Today at my work I noticed some papers featuring lotr, so I took a closer look and found some interesting tidbits. There was a cheat sheet/cliff notes on the cast, characters, and info on who the good guys and the bad guys will be for the employees. Of course I wouldn’t need it! 😉

Also a sneak preview of the new cover lotr books. The one I saw had Frodo w/ring on the cover, but it was a small black and white book stapled together with only the first chapter. Also the coolest thing was a packet that they sent for a Hobbit day party(sept. 22)! They are trying to get stores to participate in throwing a Hobbit party. It came with name tags, coloring pages, riddles from the Hobbit, recipes, trivia, and adhesive rings to name a few things. In the packet which I sneaked a peak at had a large preview card featuring Gandalf for the new playing cards.

Also a lotr cataloge featuring some of the current books out, and a movie page countdown highlighting important dates. Funny thing though they spelled Frodo wrong (Froddo). lol! Also it listed Tolkien’s birthday (Jan. 3). I’m not sure

if our store will participate, if they don’t I’ll get my hands on some nice stuff. 😉