There has been so much going on at this year’s DragonCon, we are going to have to wait until Monday to give you the full details. I can tell you this…’s presentation of “Lord of the Rings: Secrets Revealed” so packed a room that the Fire Marshal closed it. With a capacity crowd of 3000, we showed them the cast, locations, trailers and some cool exclusive stuff. Everyone loved it. The biggest cheers were for the casting of Ian McKellen (Gandalf), Christopher Lee (Saruman), John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), and Brad Dourif (Wormtongue).

Now if you didn’t get to DragonCon, you still have a day (today) to come by and visit booth. We’ll be playing parts of the presentation all day along with the trailers.

But if you are no where near Atlanta, get down to Philadelphia for another exclusive presentation at this year’s WorldCon! It’s happening today at 5 pm, and it’s the same presentation from Atlanta… so don’t miss it! [More]