Calisuri here…reporting LIVE (well, not really LIVE right this minute) from DragonCon 2001 in Atlanta Georgia.

If you live in the southeast portion of the US, get your Ringer fan behind to Atlanta this weekend! We are showing a one hour presentation on the movies with exclusive images and ‘other things’ that we can’t show online! John Rhys-Davies (Gimli) being here isn’t too bad either!!! The big show is at 4pm on Saturday followed by JRD at 5pm. The Tolkien Track is up and running and has some exciting events this year. Check out Decipher’s talk on the LOTR card game at 11:30am on both Saturday and Sunday. And there is even something for the kiddies! The Kid Track will be addressing Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit at 1pm on Saturday. There is even a Tolkien LARP happening this weekend. So the moral of the story…get to Atlanta..and fast. And if you do get here, drop by our booth and watch the trailers, check out the shirts and hats, and just hang out! We’ll have our first day report online around midnight EST. [DragonCon]


Get to WorldCon in Philadelphia! Believe it or not, staffers Blasm, Nob, and Pippin Took are giving a behind the scenes look at the movies on Sunday at 5pm. Its the same presentation we are showing at DragonCon, so you won’t want to miss the exclusive look at some great new stuff. [WorldCon]

If you live on the East Coast of the US…you have NO EXCUSE but to get to one of these events.