Ringer Spy Finwe from Montreal (good little town) sends along some news regarding the LOTR: FOTR trailer being shown on gigantic IMAX screens.

Someone at the office told be that the new version of “Apocalypse Now” was playing at the new Paramont “IMAX” cinema in downtown Montreal.

Finwe goes down to the paramount to investigate…

Well as you know the main event does not usually advertise the previews. But I went to IMAX, at first the ticket seller said to me that it (Apocalypse Now) was no longer on IMAX, but only on normal cinema screens.

I was about to leave when I saw a sign that stated that they will repay you your ticket to up to 30 minutes after the movie starts (15 min for IMAX).

So I give it a try anyway, I bought my ticket from the machine this time, it was mentioned that the current movie came with only one preview (which I found weird).

It was on Room 7, which apparently had an IMAX screen !!! Guess what, the preview was there! and as you can imagine it was BREATHTAKING!

I mean I had seen it a least 30 times on my computer, but this !!!

Apparently it is some kind of trial, to show a digital movie on a large IMAX screen. I think it is only in some Canadian IMAX cinemas.

I asked the same ticket seller if it was the last day for Apocalypse Now. She told me that it “sould” be still there next week but she was not sure if it would still be an IMAX screen.

She also told me that the 5:15 and 9:15 presentation tonight “should” be in the same room.