Liffey wrote in to tell us, “When I saw the LOTR official movie poster at my local cinema (Plymouth UK) I asked if I could buy one. The answer? NO NO NO NO NO!
Not to be defeated, I found a way. If any fans would like a copy of the movie posters, e-mail the following address-

They have both official movie posters, one with Frodo looking up, the other with him looking at the ring. Both are excellent quality and arrived in pristine condition, for just under £10.00 in the UK.”

Then RingerSpyOliver found this:
“I was just shjopping in my local High Street yesterday when iIcame across two official postcards with the first teaser posters on retailing for about £0.50 ($0.75.). these postcards can be found in England in the music shop VIRGIN RECORDS”

According to The Follower of the Ring, “I have both posters (I’m not obsessed at all) I first bought the one with Frodo (Eijah Wood) looking straight at you with the words “One Ring To Rule Them All” from HMV and it cost me £3-99p. Also what has recently become available is the one of Frodo looking down at the ring with the words “Power Can Be Held In The Smallest Of Things” also from HMV and selected Music stores priced at £3-99.

They are official also as they have the bit at the bottom about New line cinema and AOL!!!
So don’t pay £10 when you can get a good old big film poster for £3-99.