Ringer Spy PT follows up on yesterday’s news about the LOTR premieres around the world and more info on what they plan to do about pirates in Asia:

Apparently a contract between New Line and the cinemas displaying the films will be enforced world wide. This contract is something that apparently American cinemas have already had a chance to see.

The contract has been re-written to include rules on the viewing of the films. The document includes restrictions such as “No person may enter the theatre with any form of recording device” these devised include cameras, laptops, tape recorders etc etc.

“No employee of the theatre may view the film during work hours” – so all you projectionists will have to put it on then turn away. It apparently goes on and on and I questioned the validity of some of the things I heard such as enforced searching of patrons however it does appear the New Line are trying to put the emphasis on the theatre to stamp out illegal practices and spoilers. Not that much different to the way the release of Star Wars went down.

However the Asian release will be late due to some apparent translation problems – or is this just a cover for the truth (pirates in Asia beware)…