Ringer Spy Gorel sends along his tale from this weekends ‘Mythcon’. Check it out, and look for more news to come!

I got back from Mythcon a little while ago and wanted to drop you a quick story about Phlipa Boyens which others might enjoy. She sat in the audience during the panel discussion on the movies (after her interview). I was sitting behind her, and it was interesting to watch her shake her head or nod as people made various comments. I got out my Letters with the intent of quoting one of them. I was surprised to see her pull out her own dog-eared copy, raise her hand, and cite exactly what I had intended to:

“Final query: can a tale not conceived dramatically but (for lack of a more precise term) epically, be dramatized – unless the dramatizer is given or takes liberties, as an independent person?” – Letter 195

After the panel I told her what had happened and asked her to sign my copy of the Letters. She politely declined, saying she didn’t like to sign Tolkien’s work. Then she looked around in her purse and found a pad of paper with a LOTR logo, and gave me a nice autograph. She was a gracious person whose respect for Tolkien was evident.