Ringer Spy Mike sends along some very interesting news regarding a possible 3rd and 4th LOTR trailers! None of this can be confirmed at the moment, but take a look and get ready to dance!

As you probably know by now, I live in *snip* and I’ve been busy these past couple of days e-mailing a Marketing Director at *snip* DISTRIBUTION (the distribution place for one of the biggest cinema chains in *snip*).

I asked her all these questions about the current trailer and what films it is gonna be placed with etc. but, in her e-mail yesterday she added something very strange, she said that ‘The Lord of the Rings’ will have four trailers before its world wide release in December (the first trailer being the Theatrical Teaser with Galadriel talking and all that).

I e-mailed her last night and asked how it would be possible to release four trailers before December because the third one is due to come out in September sometime (when would the fourth trailer come out?). She e-mailed me back (I got the message about fifteen minutes ago) and this is what she said:

“You are quite correct in that the third trailer will be released mid September, this in essence is a final trailer for the film and we will look to attach it to one of the biggest films being release at that time. We have not finalised this as yet. With regards to the fourth trailer, this is a 60 second trailer which is slightly longer than the third and will be attached internationally to ‘Harry Potter’, which is being released in *snip* on 23 November, one week after the US.”

So there you have it, there will be a 60 second trailer with ‘Harry Potter’ all over the world.

Another thing she added (under the heading of ‘further updates’) was:

“We have received a non-final second poster concept which we anticipate will be in cinemas the first week of September and I must say it looks absolutely stunning. All other materials are currently being finalised in the US and notification of these availabilities will be made soon.”