As August approaches we arrive at the last of our Hall of Fire discussions for this month, and what a topic we’ve picked to see off a great month! Tolkien purists one and all, this is the discussion you’ve been waiting for!

Christopher Tolkien : Continuing the Legacy

Being the son of John Ronald Reul, Christopher Tolkien was in the difficult position of wanting to continue his father’s legacy and enrichen the world he created. Thus the Silmarillion was published, a book which not only expanded the history of Middle-Earth but raised interesting questions about society, culture and religion in Middle-Earth.

However, some people believe that the material J.R.R Tolkien left behind after his death has been mis-used by Christopher Tolkien, in particular the History of Middle-Earth series. Though the Lost Tales Books 1 and 2 feature unseen works, the rest of the collection seems too focused on the little nuances in J.R.R’s creative process and the way his books evolved over time. Instead of wonderful new material, the books seem re-writes with minor changes.

Which opinion do you agree with? Has Christopher Tolkien done a great deed by reproducing his father’s work? Or has his quest to continue his father’s legacy lost it’s way somehow? Whether you sit on the fence or are a Tolkien purist, this discussion is sure to spark some interesting opinions. So if you want to be involved in what looks to be a fantastic talk, just make sure to show up at one of our three sessions this weekend!

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