While The Biting Faery sends along a great tale of meeting a star from LOTR. I truly do not believe that Chrisopher Tolkien was at Comic-Con, but I can confirm that this LOTR star was!

Yesterday (Saturday, July 21st) was, as you know, the NewLine Lord of the Rings promo presentation.

Well, later on that day my love Jeffrey and I heard the loudspeaker paging a ‘Christopher Tolkien’. We rushed on over to the Show Office to see if we could catch a glimpse of him, but no luck. I had my doubts as to whether or not it was the real Christopher Tolkien until about an hour later.

We were waiting in line to get renowned faery artists Brian and Wendy Froud’s autographs. Jeffrey sat down on the floor and I crouched beside him. I looked up for a moment and did a double take as Elijah Wood, Frodo himself, walked by us. Quickly I told Jeffrey (who thought I was joking at first), grabbed his hand, and we pursued the hobbit. He stopped to look at a booth when I slipped next to him and uttered a very shy “Mr. Wood?” He turned around and I gushed some sort of babble about how much Jeff and I were excited over the film, how we thought he was a wonderful choice for Frodo, etc. etc. etc. and Jeffrey told him how he had been a fan of his since ‘Radio Flyer.’

Elijah was very polite and kind, as well as softspoken with his ‘thank you’s’ and whatnot. We ended by shaking hands and thanking him for his time.

This confirmed our thought that it was indeed the real Christopher Tolkien who was paged. I wonder if any other of the movie’s stars were there…

The Biting Faery