From: Saint

Just got back from a local supermarket where I came across an interesting magazine with a few LOTR articles in it.

Extreme Collectors Magazine boasted a LOTR cover, with drawings of the hobbits, Aragorn and Gandalf, and had TWO articles inside dealing with our favorite subject.

One was a run down and review of the new LOTR CCG card game from Dechiper. It had several pics as well, including two new ones that I hadn’t seen before (one of a random orc and one of Lurtz). The article ran about four pages long.

The other article was about Bakshi’s animated LOTR cartoon (*shudder*) for some reason, and it features a pic of some Baskhi LOTR merchandise.

I did not purchase the magazine, otherwise I’d have a more in-depth descripition and scans.

Anyone out there with scans of the article send them along!