Well, spikes are in the news again thanks to that report from Garth over at DarkHorizons. Who knows if there is any truth to the rumor, but my mailbox is full of speculation, theories and anger over this whole debate.

Alot of people are bringing up the ‘Saruman on the Spiked Wheel’ photo that was all the rage last October. Some people are speculating that the DarkHorizons’ spy is getting Sauron and Saruman mistaken. That could be the case, it has not been un-common for spies to get their wizards and dwarves crossed.

From the early two-script draft that PJ and Fran Walsh wrote a few years back, we DO see a different end of Sauron than that which occurred in the books, but it’s nothing like this recent rumor about him falling on a spike.

The last theory has this scene taking place during a flashback scene from the Last Alliance. While this never really is documented in LOTR or any other books that chronicle the Last Alliance, this could be a scene we see during a flashback. Who knows.

And, of course, like we always do, I take everything that isn’t from a trusted spy as a RUMOR (unless PJ calls me himself and says ‘yes Mike, it’s true’). So there we have it. I’m tired and I want to go to bed…