Be amazed, dear Readers, at the splendid July fireworks in our new Green Books:

• Stinging satire from Turgon: “How to Express Your Tolkien Ignorance: A Guide for the Media.” Ouch!
Anwyn explores Tolkien’s pro-Nature, anti-Industrial bent in her new Counterpoint.
The Brothers Hildebrandt take our Special Guest on a 70’s nostalgia trip.
• In Tributes: see how Tolkien inspires great writers like Robin Hobb (Ship of Destiny, Assassin’s Quest), from the new Meditations on Middle-earth, edited by Karen Haber (St. Martin’s Press, Nov. 2001).
Tookish’s Ticklers is filled with zany, brilliant, goofy humor!
• Check out 16 new Q&A, including these and MORE:

  1. Why isn’t Thorin more like Gimli?
  2. How did Galadriel return to Valinor?
  3. How could a Shadow-Sauron wear the Ring?
  4. Did Gandalf send the dreams?
  5. Spiritual consequences of suicide?
  6. Please clarify this immortality thing!

  • Enjoy the Tolkien-inspired stories and whip-smart essays in Moon Letters. It’s your forum for Fan Fic, so keep submitting your best stuff!
  • There are new updates in red to previous Q&A.

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