Ringer Spy Liam sends along word of what some european Ringers can see if they happen to catch the FOTR trailer at a local cinema! A personal greeting from PJ!

I live in France and just saw the FOTR trailer at the movies… There’s a short message from PJ before it starts.

He’s filmed in a t-shirt and shorts (sounds like PJ to me) in front of some plants, the shot is pretty wide and looks like 35mm (i.e. not video) but I could be wrong. He basically says “Hello, I’m Peter Jackson and I’m talking to you from New Zealand where we’ve been doing LOTR. As you know LOTR is a trilogy and we’re making 3 movies…”

I can’t remember precisely what he said but it’s pretty short. At the end he says something like “I invite you to see some new images”, or whatever.

It’s short and I got distracted so I didn’t catch 100% of what was said, but I can assure you it’s VERY cool!