From: Paul

Just read today’s copy of Metro, a Scottish daily newspaper, and it had an interview with stand-up comedian Johnny Vegas. Why would you be interested and what’s this got to do with LOTR? Well, it seems that Mr Vegas was once considered for the part of a certain Sam Gamgee! Here’s the question and answer refering to LOTR:

Q: Were you disappointed not to get a part in Lord of the Rings?

A: I actually went to a casting for Sam Gamgee and got a call back with the director. But I did a gig the night before and the mike broke so I ended up shouting and lost my voice. They probably thought I was rubbish anyway. I went through a few months of getting drunk and e-mailing the official site saying it should have been me.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Johnny Vegas I’ll fill you in on a few of his… erm… traits (I think that’s the best word to describe them!). If this casting had come to fruition then Sam would have been wondering around the Shire with a six-pack of beer under his arm and a fag (cigarette to those uninitiated to UK slang) hanging out of the corner of his mouth. Along with his 60-a-day habbit, Sam would have a pretty strong hoarse regional accent with a penchant to swearing and ogling at the lady hobbits.

Imagine the scene if you will:

‘Give us that thur ring, Frodo -cough- -wheeze- and a’ll bloody well get rid of the bugger.’ Sam procedes to put the ring under his rather sweaty green-hued armpit where not even the dark lord would dare to venture.

There’s a pic of him on his slightly sparse homepage here: