Last week, Super Spy Big Jerk sent us a bunch of new images. So what’s going to top that? How about a rendered look at the Mines of Moria Cave Troll? Sounds good to me!

[ Cave Troll  - Click for Larger Version ]

Now, i know this is bad research on my part, but we have had an image of the Cave Troll all along in our Movie Scrapbook. This image is from the 2000 Video Software Dealer’s Association Show.

[ Troll ]

Read the excerpt from my Cannes report on the footage below:

I personally have never seen anything like this on the big screen. The Cave Troll is not made of rocks or stone or anything like that. It almost looks like you could squeeze and have your hands slide right off. It has a dull grey thick skin and a huge bulbous head with eyes very spread apart. The beast is so big and powerful you immediately realize that there is no way the Fellowship can beat this thing. It’s just that unstoppable. It initially uses a huge hammer to attack. Huge chunks of floor are dislodged as he swings and misses. Legolas leaps up on to a higher ledge and fires arrows into the beast to draw its attention. The troll then grabs a chain and uses it as a whip. Legolas is too fast. Aragorn attempts to attack it and is tossed across the room. The others are still engaged with some orcs.

We then cut to a shot of Frodo hiding behind a pillar. He is sliding along the circumference as the Troll is searching for him. It’s almost like the classic cat and mouse game. As Frodo slides to the right, the Troll peers to the left and sees nothing. As the Troll peers to the right, Frodo has slid to the left. Then Frodo begins to slide back to the right and without warning the troll catches onto his game. That big bulbous head suddenly appears in front of Frodo and we all jump out of our seats. Frodo stumbles back and begins a feeble attempt to escape the Troll’s attacks. Aragorn at one point runs to Frodo’s defense, only to be knocked out of contention as he is tossed away. The Troll picks up a huge pole and slams it into Frodo. The camera is set up so that it looks like Frodo takes a direct hit in the chest. Everything slows down as Frodo reels in pain and in astonished disbelief. The entire Fellowship looks at what has just happened and scream in agony. Even the Troll has a look of surprise at the affect of what he’s done. Frodo slumps to the floor. Merry and Pippin scream madly and jump on the Troll’s back, stabbing frantically with vengeance. Aragorn picks up the pole and sticks it under the Troll’s upper right rib cage. As the Cave Troll screams in anger, at yet another small nuisance wound in his side, he opens his mouth just enough for Legolas to skillfully shoot an arrow directly into his upper palette. The assumption is that the arrow reaches his brain and kills him. The Troll falls to the crowd with a dramatic thud.

[Read the Full Cannes Footage Detail]