For the last few years we heard numerous reports of PJ and company always having a copy of LOTR on set. A lot of people have written to us in the past expressing their doubts. Well, today comes another example of how, even the really minor details, are being addressed on set.

Thanks to the observations of some fans, and an independent spy report, we can safely announce that the third ‘elf’ in this trailer image is Haldir, played by Craig Parker.

[ Trailer Clip ]
The Fellowship Departs

[ Parker as Haldir  ]
Craig Parker as Haldir

Note this from the text:

After their morning meal the Company said farewell to the lawn by the fountain. Their hearts were heavy; for it was a fair place, and it had become like home to them, though they could not count the days and nights that they had passed there. As they stood for a moment looking at the white water in the sunlight, Haldir came walking towards them over the green grass of the glade. Frodo greeted him with delight.

Its good to see that even something as minor as Haldir’s presence at the Fellowship’s departure from Lothlorien is represented in the films.