We have final confirmation.

Gimli does in fact take a swipe at the ring during the Council of Elrond.

Our source for this information runs pretty deep, so we can’t even give them a spy name! But it is true…you can take that to the bank.

Whether the clip actually makes it into the final movie, thats another question.

But thats not all folks! As it turns out, the bigger news is they will be filming pick-up shots from the Council of Elrond next week!

Ringer Vincent sent us this definition of a pick-up shot:

A pick-up is usually an ‘insert’ – you don’t usually rebuild sets or that sort of thing for a pick up. A hand opening a door, a reaction close-up, that sort of thing are are pick-ups. In fact, pick ups usually do not even use the actors they are representing. It is usually the director’s arm leg, hand etc… or someone else like that who just happens to be available. If the actor is brought back it is probably for (1) a reaction shot or (2) change in dialogue that cannot be dubbed over – usually because they do not have an over the shoulder shot (or 2- shot) that matches enough to dub the line over or something similar.

Thanks Vincent!