Galahad heard the news from Slovenia and rang round the local cinemas to find out the status of the films/ trailers:

“I called every single cinema here in Zagreb (capital of CRO) and only some of them even heard about the film being made. But I found out from “Broadway” theatres that the trailer is due out next week. They don’t know in front of what it will be showing yet. And it is the FIRST TRAILER! So, I really hope to get the movie as soon as Slovenia (January 17th), even though I doubt it. Guess you’ll be watching the Return of the King by the time we get the Fellowship :-).”

Awww. That’s shocking. Meanwhile, the news from Peru is mixed. PequePeque wrote to say:

“Hi, just to tell you that the first teaser trailer was screened last week for the first time here in lima, peru. it was with the off-voice in spanish and sub-titled dialogues. it advertised the movies for christmas 2001 so, i guess it will be a worldwide release after all. This is a confusing matter because i dont think they are screening the trailer with wrong dates, but after speaking with local distributors they told me the movies will be opening around february. The argument is New Line is waiting for snowball effect so they wont spend that much in marketing in the region.”

Same as in Japan.