This comes to me by way of a trusted spy that cannot be named! He has done some work for me in the past, and his connections are top notch, so check out what he has to say!

The unnamed spy sends word that New Line are prepping not one but TWO new FOTR trailers this coming fall. Each with a different theme no doubt, an action theme and a magical theme perhaps, who knows, check this out.

From a New Line memo I managed to smuggle across the boarder into TORN territory:

“New Line Cinema have decided upon a merketing strategy to promote the release of the first film in Peter Jacksons epic interpretation of J.R.R Tolkiens Lord of the Rings.

This second trailer is to be shown with Pearl Harbour and through June, July and August on any recent/new release film.

A third and final trailer will be released in September. This trailer may have two versions to be shown with different genres of film. Your co-operation is required in assisting New Line Cinema in executing its marketing strategy correctly.”