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Tish, a regular at Barlimans, gave us this news last night. It seems a restaurant in the D.C. area was giving away free LOTR pins! All I can say is, “Will LOTR *ever* come to Podunkville?” Here’s her report:

As I mentioned in chat last night, yesterday, June 9, a friend of mine went to the opening of a Chipotle burrito take out restaurant in downtown Washington, D.C. A pile of LOTR pins sat on one of the tables, free to any takers. My friend took one and gave it to me. I’ve seen these types of pins before. They are usually, as this one is, the movie poster laminated on to a flat, rectangular backing, about 2 inches by 3 inches. However, I’ve never seen these except when handed out at a theater during the opening of an anticipated blockbuster.

A local radio station was promoting this restaurant opening last week, with offers of free food. I heard nothing though about Lord of the Rings giveaways. On Monday, I will call the restaurant and find out if they have more of the pins, or, if not, from where they came.


When we hear more, we’ll pass it along