Ringer Spy Justin chimes in with word of a possible FOTR commercial seen on FOX recently. Personally I’m doubtful, since I’ve gotten no other emails about this, but who knows.

At about 7:00 [central time] on the Fox News Channel they had a small advertisement for TFOTR. It was on the fox report with Shepherd Smith and it was about 30 seconds long with a 10 or 15 second clip from the new Trailer.

Ringer Spy Matthew sends along the following:

I know what Ringer Spy Justin is talking about. I saw it too, but it wasn’t a commercial on Fox, it was part of a show called, “Fox Report with Shepherd Smith”. As usual, they hyped the LOTR footage when the show began and then broadcast about 10 seconds worth of trailer #2 an hour later at the very end of the show.