We’ve reported about the Hollywood Stock Exchange before. Here is a FOTR update thanks to Gino

This is a big simulation game where players trade movie stocks. Well the Fellowship of the ring (LRDRN) is currently trading at 192,64 HSX$. What it means is that the players think the movie will gross a huge 192,640,000 US$$ at the box office during its first four weeks of business! I found that interesting. The two towers (LRDR2) is trading at 114,21 and Return of the king (LRDR3) at 96,15. Very good for movies that will be released in 2-3 years. Since the release of the last trailer, the movie took about 15$. In comparison, Star Wars: Episode 2 is currently trading at 196,45$ (for hsx traders, this movie is a no risk bet).