Ringer Spy Riskbreaker sends in more news on a story we reported back to you on January 25th

I have spoken with someone on the “inside” of the movie memorabilia production industry. He has told me that United Cutlery (http://www.unitedcutlery.com/) is releasing their licensed versions of STING, GLAMDRING and THE SWORD OF THE WITCH-KING all before the film.

Sting will come in October, followed by Glamdring and the Witch-King sword both in November. There will be more swords in the future, but these are confirmed for those dates. The prototypes already exist. In fact, United Cutlery has sent out pictures of each of these swords on their plaques lying next to the actual prop. My contact (a sword afficionado) has said that they are “beautiful” (no, my contact is not at United Cutlery) but that he cannot divulge the pictures until July 1st, as is apparently United Cutlery’s deal with New Line.

But, I know you guys are talented spies, and I hope that this information will cause you to send your men out into the trenches and dig up these pictures. I, for one, am drooling in anticipation. So is my movie prop collection. 🙂