I just wanted to let you guys know that the new LOTR trailer was shown tonight on national Danish television in the weekly show “Bogart” about upcomming films.

The film was introduced as “the great beast of movie revelation” They also showed bits of the first theatrical trailer and some footage from Cannes. In this footage there was an interview with Viggo Mortensen in danish where he admitted to never actually having read the books before getting to New Zealand. He also said that he enjoyed playing Aragorn, because of the development in the character: “Aragorn is not that great and strong a man in the beginning”, I believe was his exact words. He also stated that he found it interesting and rather amusing to find many parts of the books strongly “borrowed” from nordic mythology to put it nicely.

They had another person from the crew (I am not sure who because I’m not really in to that, sorry) but he said that they had been greatly inspired by nordic mythology in coming up with the visual look for the films, and when they got Viggo on board they particularly took a great interest in danish mythology, being danish that of course was really was cool to hear.

At the end of the footage the said that future shows will be featuring interviews with a lot of the stars of the movie up to its opening, I’m looking forward to that.

The program will be aired again on Danish DR2 at 7.10 pm on wedensday.