Greetings – Have we got some new Green Books for June!

Anwyn has a great new Counterpoint about MAGIC, with emphasis on the ‘gift of Art.’
• Check out Turgon’s Bookshelf for a publicity interview with Tom Shippey, author of “J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of the Century.
• And a very nice surprise: new Tributes from authors Harry Turtledove and Lisa Goldstein, part of the forthcoming anthology, Meditations on Middle-earth, edited by Karen Haber (St. Martin’s Press, Nov. 2001).
• Our Special Guest takes a spin on Tolkien’s most mysterious character: “Who is Tom Bombadil?”
• Enjoy the crazy comedic compendium of Tookish’s Ticklers.
• The ever-popular Q&A has 16 new articles, including:

  1. Does the Shire have its own ‘power?’
  2. Was Gandalf afraid of Beorn?
  3. Is there a background story on the Arkenstone?
  4. Are there two Minas Tiriths?
  5. Why even go to war against Sauron?
  6. How do magic Rings make one ‘fade?’

Moon Letters needs new submissions… so ink up your quills and get to writing!
• There are new updates in red to previous Q&A.

And I have a very special surprise later this month. Here’s a hint: working as a soldier of Gondor is harder than it seems! Stay tuned…

Much too hasty,