Barlimaniacs, the open door will be closing soon! That’s right, in only four weeks, our registration period for Barliman’s Bash will be drawing to an end. “What,” you ask, “does that mean for me?”

It simply means that you have to contact me in the next four weeks, if you want to attend the Bash, and tell me so! Say, “Hey, Curunir, I wanna go to this Bash thing, and I have the wherewithal to do so! Sign me up!” If you don’t, you’ll be left out in the cold, and get to spend August 2nd – 5th wishing that you were with us in Chicago!

“Why should I want to go?” you ask. Because it’s going to be FUN, of course! Just have a look at what we’ve got in mind for this thing!

On the first night, we’ll be having a welcome sorta thing…a reception, with a bar (which, if we get enough folks, should be at least partially subsidized…woohoo!), and probably some sort of games…I’ve had suggestions for everything from Karaoke to LotR-type gaming.

All day Friday, we’ll be tramping around downtown Chicago, looking at *very* tall things, wandering about some of their many cool museums, playing on the Navy Pier – all the great things about Chicago.

Saturday’s rather open yet – we haven’t decided what people want more of – free time, or organized-type stuff. Saturday evening will be our banquet – a nice meal to close out the actual Bash, because Sunday’ll be time to pack up and head for home.

We’ll be staying at the Hilton Hotel in Northbrook, just northwest of Chicago proper. They’ve got all the usual cool stuff…pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna, indoor plumbing, and at least two bars…everything the Barlimaniac needs to be comfortable and appropriately juicy.

The cost for this, you ask? If you’re sharing a room with somebody, the total cost (not including your travel and incidentals, such as beer) will be approximately $220 USD. If you can’t stand the thought of sharing a room with a chatter that you’ve never actually met before, but is really quite normal and harmless, then your cost will rise to the neighborhood of $370 USD. This includes the accomodations, the banquet on Saturday, the transportation to downtown Chicago, and perhaps a few extras, depending on available funds and total number of folks showing up.

SO! If you want to meet your fellow Barlimaniacs and Tolkienites, check out BarliBash – you’ll be glad you did! There are more details on that page, as well as all the contact info.

We hope to see you all there!

– Curunir, Saint, and the Bash-goers.