Ringer Spy Becky sends along details from the latest Total Film magazine.

I was able to pick up the Total Film (Ben Affleck cover) in question this weekend – of course just for the trailer CD (and the free cinema ticket too:)). I can inform you that the trailer is not the new one – which we Brits should see in front of Pearl Harbor, but the ‘teaser’ – which can also been seen on the trailer reels shown at Basildon UCI cinema (I’m assuming this goes for all UCI cinemas).

Talking of UCI cinemas – they have just produced a leaflet detailing family movies that can be seen between now and February next year. Apart from the obvious (Harry Potter, Shrek) and the bizarre (Help I’m a Fish) they list Fellowship – along side a rather cute picture of Legolas (headshot). The blurb gives a rather succinct summary of the story (dangerous quest, go see Elrond etc) of the film and then entreaties people to read the novels to find out what’s going on!

It gives the release date as being 19th December and all in all a very nice piece of advanced publicity and a lot better than what Harry Potter got!