Nicolas sends us word on the release date in France, as well as some insider info on movies dubbed in french.

I saw in a french TV show that the movie release in France would be the 19th December. It is logic because the 19 th is a Wednesday, the normal release day for movies in France.

Apart from that, I saw the trailer 1 dubbed in French. Usually I always prefer original versions, but this dubbing was AWFUL! (I can attest to this, we get the same french movies here, and most of the time it’s horribly done -Xo) I hope they will make efforts for the real thing, because if they don’t they won’t get anyone to see the movie.

And I hope there will not be only the dubbed version released. It is not usually the case, but it happens sometimes even for blockbusters (Dinosaurs for example was released only in dubbed version)

Nicolas D