From: Malachii

Hello there! I work at a local theater in Pensacola, FL and we got 4 copies of Pearl Harbor yesterday (wed.) and to my great excitement, the NEW trailer for Fellowship!!

Spoilers Below!

It starts off with another monolouge but this time NOT the Verse of the Rings. It speaks of legend of old and myths of time… all that great stuff. Then you see Frodo and then Gandalf surprising him from behind. And then it shows a few shots already seen in the previous trailer. But what got me going is after a lil bit of that, it goes to Rivendell and the council. You see a shot of Boromir pleading to use the Ring and then see Aragorn opposing him, saying no. Then it moves on to more mixed, quick shots… some new, some old. More shots of the Nazgul this time. WAY more shots! Including a quick peek near the end of the trailer of four or five Nazgul as they appear with the Ring on!! Oh man, that did it for me. By the time the trailer ended, I was wiggling and squirming like a lil kid. Course, half the other projectionists were too and we all laughed at each other.

Anyways, there’s a quick (very quick) rundown of the new trailer. Just thought I’d drop a line and let ya’ll know. If you’re going to make another list of where and where not the trailer is playing, like back in January. Then you can put down Rave 16 in Pensacola, FL has it playing on one of 4 showings of Pearl Harbor. Hope this helps some, have a great one!!