From: Tim D

My wife and I saw it together and we came away from it remembering different things. The overall impression though, was much darker than the first trailer. There were fewer big grand open shots and more close-ups. I don’t recall “Mr. Voice” like the first two trailers, instead we get to here a lot of Gandalf describing a little background of the ring, etc.

Lots of quick shots of orcs, the nazgul, (including one similar to the “uncloaked” shot we saw not too long ago). The council of Elrond was included with Boromir’s suggestion to use the ring against the enemy.

But the two shots that stick out in my mind most were toward the end. Gollum, somewhere in the dark hissing out “My Precioussss” (very nice). Also a scene with Aragorn and Frodo (I assume at the Prancing Pony, it was very dark though).


Are you afraid?




Not nearly afraid enough

Or something to that affect. Remember, I had to sit through an almost 3 hour movie afterwards. It’s hard to remember details after one showing.