News of the publicity for LOTR is springing up all over the world. From Mike in South Africa:

I’ve been waiting for ages for the Teaser Posters for ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to arrive in South Africa since I know that the first film is being released here on the same day as in America (19th December). Well, on Friday the posters finally arrived in cinemas everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere. Every cinema I’ve been to in the past two days has a poster up in places where you just can’t miss them. I guess the cinemas here are counting on this film to be HUGE. Tomorrow I begin my quest to beg the
cinemas for a poster for myself .

Let the hype begin in South Africa!

That’s it, I can now sleep better.

From Greece we heard Elias report:

“Well last Wednesday, a weekly Greek comic and sci-fi magazine called ”9”, had an article about the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy. It stuck mostly to the hard facts and didn’t have anything new…Anyway it was nice and had some pretty cool pics (especially that of the Rohirrim).

Meanwhile Dunadan was told that the new trailer would be attached to ‘The Mummy Returns’ but when he went to see the movie, there was no LOTR trailer. He’s confirmed that the ‘Fellowship’ will open in Brazil in December and most probably on the 19th.

In Argentina, Landitus was able to tell us:

“I´m writing to tell you that the Fellowship of the Ring will be released on December 20, 2001 according to Warner Bros which is the distribution company. It is a Thursday, and all releases in Argentina happen this day.

Also, the first trailer is being shown in Argentina, before some films, depending in the different theatres.

Finally, Canal A (Channel A) will be showing in June a Cannes Special, that includes the LOTR Party. I´ve seen some of this and it is really new and unseen, with interviews to all the cast members and director, done by an Argentine journalist. It features Viggo (Aragorn) speaking PERFECT Spanish with a Buenos Aires accent (He lived there for 11 years). It is truly worth to see!!!”

And Havok brings an update from the UK:

“Hey, I was looking through the Cable Guide, and it states that on MTV:UK on this Friday (25th) at 1pm (a few days time) that there will be coverage on Cannes, it might be possable that they will show LotR footage….Just thought I would let British readers know…” Thanks, Havok!