A roundup of LOTR-at-Cannes news from Ringer Spy Jon, who must be a gun typist to get even this much down! ; )

“Hey guys,

Liquid News, a slot on cable news channel BBC News 24 in the UK hosted by Christopher Price featured a [brief] segment on Lord of the Rings at Cannes.

Price referred to the piece as “Gandalf goes Gaelic” though he sounded more like “Gandalf goes Garlic” which was no doubt his intention.

Price said “Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf and their smoking friends were out in force in Cannes this
week,” and so beginneth the tale of “how LOTR stole the show”.

The reporter (sorry can’t remember her name, too overcome with catching images of that amazing set they had built) said the preview was “the talking point of the festival”.

Christopher Lee went on to say “I had this dream that one day it would be made, and of course I had a dream that I would be a part of it in some way… I am not a young man you know.”

(apologises for any paraphrasing that might go on, it wasn’t taped, and I had to type pretty quick).

Everyone appeared in the clip, as well as Lee, there was Sir Ian McKellen who paid particular
tribute to the fans. He cited them as the reason there was so much global hype in the movies.
That in itself just goes to show how studios should relax their views on unofficial web sites
and recognise how great a “free” marketing tool they can be.

John Rhys-Davies was his usual buoyant, exuberant self. He felt that they had made the “movie of the season… of all time”, and commented that he felt in twenty years time people would look back at LOTR and consider it “one of their favourite films”.

Liv Tyler was briefly interviewed and asked to speak in true Elvish tongue, which she did, off-script and very well!

And Elijah Woods was very charismatic with the reporter and featured with PJ and the other
hobbits in a brief clip of their [kinda] can-can routine.

And throughout it all they played key notes from “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”, which actually fitted
quite well.

At the very end as the reporter was summarising she was attacked by orc’s – forget Tehran or
Beirut, a true test of a reporters bravery has to be in the midst of that vile breed.

Take care guys,

Ringer Spy Jon