Just wanted you to know that CET Swedish Channel 1 aired a whole bunch of stuff from Cannes.

It started with PJ talking about that they would make the movies 100 million $ cheaper if they did it on New Zealand instead of Hollywood.

The producer said it was a bargain. Then PJ told us how it all started. Apperantly he called the USA in 1995 and asked who had the rights to LOTR. Then it just kept rolling. John-Rhys Davies said that they filmed 10 hours of film uncut.

Then PJ said that a lot of people had tried to make LotR in one film and it didn´t work. That was the special thing about this production that they could make it into 3 movies.

PJ also said that because they filmed in 15 months people started behave as their character. Especially Viggo, one day in a resturant PJ had talked to Viggo as if he was Aragorn and Viggo had just responded and they had a conversation without even knowing it.

Another day when they trained on a fighting scene, the stunt coordinator broke a bit of Viggo’s tooth. Viggo picked it up and asked if they could superglue it and keep going.

In the interview with Elijah Wood he said that it was very difficult to film the first day and be completly innocent and the third film another day and be totaly gone, and the second film and be somewhere in the middle.