Yesterday’s Answer:

Who’s desk is this?

Answer: Calisuri!!!

And the winner is….


Today’s trivia question is:

Can you name these ladies of TORN?

Yes, it’s the ladies turn! Now you must pick out of the choices below, who are these lovely ladies?

1. a. Tehanu b. Jincey c. Anwyn
2. a. Jincey b. Anwyn c. Tehanu
3. a. Anwyn b. Jincey c. Tehanu
4. a. Xoanon b. Calisuri c. Corvar
5. a. Nicole Kidman b. Jennifer Lopez c. Angelina Jolie

Make sure you send your answers to (no others will be accepted). And no TORN staffers can play! That’s cheating! Naughty!!