Yesterday’s answer:

Can you name these men?

And the winner is……

Stefan Cartledge

Congradulations Stefan!

Today’s trivia question

Out of our entire staff, who’s desk do you think this is?

Who’s desk?

Notice the clues, the two screens, cheezy retro phone, cluttered desk….who’s desk can it be?

Xoanon, Tehanu, Calisuri, Corvar, Corwyn, Tookish, Gamgee, Turgon, Anwyn, Quickbeam, Berendir, Pippin_Took, Jincey, Balin, Gandalf, Chief, Leo, Nob, Charliems, Thorongil, Pipesmoke, Nazfyratu, Lewman aka Frasier, Reno, Elwing, Mia, Blasm, Amyd

Make sure you send your answers to (no others will be accepted). And no TORN staffers can play! That’s cheating! Naughty!!