Yesterday’s answers:

Tehanu’s name comes from the novel of the same name by Ursula K. LeGuin.

Xoanan’s name, is from a character in the Dr. Who series.

Calisuri hails from State College, PA, and Corvar from Milwaukee, WI.

And the winner is….drum roll please……


Today’s trivia question:

Can you name these three men?

1. a. Xoanon b. Corvar c. Calisuri
2. a. Calisuri b. Xoanon c. Corvar
3. a. Corvar b. Calisuri c. Xoanon
4. a. Brad Pitt b. Robert Redford c. Benjamin Bratt
5. a. Tehanu b. Jincey c. Quickbeam

Make sure you send your answers to (no others will be accepted). And no TORN staffers can play! That’s cheating! Naughty!!