From: Ghost of Deagol

In today’s edition of the movie program “Bogart” on Danish television, they started by announcing a look at Cate Blanchett’s career + an interview. Of course that got my attention, and thus I put away the remote hoping for some LoTR stuff. And although brief, it was there!

During the interview she said the following (I think I got most of it):

– Cate expressed her facination with the technical side of the production, namely the CGI stuff. She has seen a few examples of it and said that it looks really amazing.

– She talked about Peter Jackson as a director, and the fact that he is not a “slave to the books”. These movies will be HIS vision (as if we didn’t know that!).

– Quote: “Since the books are so well-known, the movies must have a life on their own. They offer a new take on the tale”.

The host of the program ended the show saying: “Right after Cannes we’ll take a closer look at The Lord of the Rings”. And that, Cate, will be your shining hour! (Get your VCRs ready, fellow Danes!)