I just recieved this from somone inside the Disney camp.

It is CONFIRMED that the FOTR trailer (Teaser Trailer #2, in our parlance) will be with Pearl Harbor.

But here’s the catch: juct because the teaser is going out with the film, doesn’t mean you will see it. It is one of MANY trailers (from several studios) to go out in the cans of PH.

It is up the the individual theatres which trailers they want to show. So, if fans go to the theatre come May 25 to see the trailer with PH, know that they may not see it. They (the theatre managers) will have the trailer somewhere, whether it’s just sitting around, or showing with another film in the multiplex.

And another story from our very own TORN Messageboards

From: Goeth-Helm

Last night my girlfriend and I attended the local multiplex to watch ‘The Mummy Returns’, a fun thrill ride of a movie. Upon entering the first thing I saw was the concession stand (of course). Then a 12′ X 20′ poster for ‘Shrek’. And then there it was… in a large free-standing display case, 3.5′ wide X 6′ high, was Frodo, looking me in the eye, almost asking that I take the ring from him. I got a chill form it. My girlfriend pulled me away saying that we need to get a seat before they’re all taken.

For each preview I waited with anticipation that by some freak chance the next one would be THE TRAILER, but to my dismay I had no such luck. So after the movie I sought out one of the managers and asked if he could tell me which movie they were showing THE TRAILER with. The first manager I asked directed me to a second saying that he was in charge of such matters for the entire theater. Talk about “the man in the know”.

When I asked him my question he said “New Line has pulled the trailer for a few weeks and will be getting a new one at that time… right around when Pearl Harbor comes out”, he did not clarify if it would be showen with pearl or not and I did not ask. Well that set us into a short chat about CGI’s and how he thought that the LOTR CGI’s are going to be something we’ve not seen before and that WETA has some cutting edge stuff. He then recommended that we go see the Mummy Returns not knowing that we had just come from there.

Hmm…seems like my prediction MAY ring true, we may be seeing a NEW FOTR trailer within the next two weeks!