See any similarities? We sort of do! Could this other Hobbit be Geoffrey Hughes?

Ringer fan Dave sends us this info:

A recent development identified Timothy Bartlett as the hobbit on the left. As for the hobbit on the right, his face has been haunting me for a while. I’m not certain but he reminds me of an actor who I’ve seen in many a UK TC program. I can’t give you a name but I can tell you what he’s been in.

Going back a bit he was in Coronation St as Hilda Ogden’s lodger Eddy Yates (I think).

Then he was in Keeping Up Appearances as the brother in law of Mrs Bucket (pronounce Bouquet).

Most recently he’s been seen as Vernon Scripps in Heartbeat, general entrepreneur and brother of local garage owner and undertaker Bernie Scripps.

After much searching while writing this email I’ve just found his name, which is Geoffrey Hughes.

See the following link to the Heartbeat cast for a picture to compare. The character your looking for is Vernon Scripps.

Thanks Dave for the heads up and we’ll get back to everyone with confirmation as soon as possible!