Thanks to Frodo Barber we have a transcript of the interview:

Conan: I was curious this movie comes out (McCool’s) comes out like tomorrow and you’ll get reviews, are you used to that press now?

Liv: Well, I haven’t had a movie out in a couple of years because I’ve been working on the LOTR in NZ like forever, but…

Conan: Now you mentioned really quickly the LOTR, you’re shooting 3 of these…

Liv: We’re already finished.

Conan: You’re done? But you’ve had to shoot 3 of these at the same time?

Liv: Yes, yes very intense but wonderful at the same time. It was actually pretty smart to do all 3 at once and to keep the momentum and to let all the actors really stay in character and explore everything, yeah…

Conan: What part are you playing?

Liv: I’m an Elf, an Elvish princess named Arwen.

Conan: You are very tall to be an Elf aren’t you?

Liv: Elves are actually, this totally… everyone’s confused, elves in Tolkien’s world were incredibly tall and slender and they’re kind of alien-looking, a little bit… they’re very other-worldly.

Conan: Elves are tall in…?

Liv: Huge, I was a short Elf and I’m 5′ 10″.

Conan: Wow, ok… and giants in Tolkien’s world are little people, fee fi fo fum!! (Laughter) Uh, running around trying to terrorize people and you had to learn an Elf language for that didn’t you?

Liv: I speak Elvish, yup.

Conan: It’s called Elvish?

Liv: Elvish baby! (Elvis accent…)

Conan: Yeah, I thought you meant “Elvis.”

Liv: Elvish.

Conan: What does it sound like, what does Elf language sound like?

Liv: It’s really funny I can’t even remember my name sometimes but I never forget my Elvish lines.

Conan: Can I just hear a little bit of Elvish?

Liv: I might get into big trouble for doing this.

Conan: Why cause it’s like ruining the movie? Just a little taste of it. I’d like to hear what the Elves sound like in this movie.

Liv: Like one line is, “Laud gen me… (sorry folks…I don’t speak Elvish… But it sounded beautiful! FB)

Conan: (Conan laughs) That’s so cool!

Liv: I have it all memorized and I wake up in the middle of the night speaking Elvish for some reason.

Conan: In the middle of the night you do that? It’s cool – it sounds Gaelic actually.

Liv: Yes.

Conan: It’s very beautiful.

That’s all that was said. I hope you enjoy it – FrodoBarber.