Many fans have written to us today concerning the “Gamble of the Rings” article at’s ‘Hollywood Confidential.’ Mr. Wells, the author, is obviously not a Tolkien fan and has a rather negative slant on the film trilogy’s financial prospects. He reports on the buzz within the industry and the fact that AOL-Time Warner (which owns New Line) is concerned about the box office potential. Mr. Wells is also kind enough to call us Tolkien fans ‘the geek types’ and ‘pre-teens.’ Thank you Mr. Wells. Over 100 million geeks worldwide send their regards. [More]

ps – The second image is of Christopher Lee as Saruman, not Ian McKellen as Gandalf. UPDATE: It now has been corrected to Christopher Lee is Suranam, heaven help us….

AND the first picture is Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan and NOT Sean Astin. (there is getting it wrong and getting it WRONG!!)