The Celtic Music people are pretty active online, so a bit of asking around got us the names of the two Irish musicians that are going to be part of the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.

“The Irish musicians working on the soundtrack are Alan Kelly and Alan Doherty. Both are from Dublin, and are members of the group ”The Barleyshakes”. I was able to discover that Alan Doherty has a name as a grand flute-player, and there is a little description and picture of them here at the website for the Tableland Folk Festival in Australia

“They have an album on release called “Jump at the sun”. Alan Kelly also has an album called “I think I’ll stick to water”. They’re available from Madness Music in Wellington – see here

The Lads are playing at the ”Shepherd’s Arms” bar here in Wellington tonight and tomorrow night.”

That’s Friday and Saturday night in NZ, for those of you lucky enough to be on hand for a great night out and a chance to hear the some of the talent that’ll be on the Rings soundtrack.