Mark your calendars folks, this looks like a good one. From the mind of our own moderator Melian the Maia comes our next topic:

Female Characters and Tolkien’s Middle-earth

We will explore how Tolkien portrayed women/female characters in his world. There aren’t many, as compared to men. Some are incredibly strong, powerful and/or brave… Melian, Luthien, and Yavanna for example… but some, like Finduillas and Rian, are ineffectual. There are the rather stereotyped hobbit ladies we encounter, the stiff and ornery Lobelia and the yearning Rosie Cotton. And in another realm we have Arwen and Dis, characters who must have had great importance in every day life but of whom we read little.

How did Tolkien perceive his female characters? Did the times during which he wrote influence his portrayals, if at all? Might the role of women be greater if the works of Middle-earth were published today? Come on down to The Hall of Fire and share your thoughts, feelings, and insights with us. First timers always welcome!

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